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An affordable, local repair shop for all your latest gadgets.

Hours and Location

425 Washington Street

2nd Floor

Brighton, MA 02135


Mon - Sat: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Sun: Closed


If it's tech, we can rescue it.

We can repair your tech.

Common Devices


Did your iPhone take a swim? Laptop battery not quite what it used to be? Don't let a tech problem stop you from enjoying your device.

Smart phones, tablets, and laptops pose no problem for our technicians.

What our customers bring in most:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • MacBook and MacBook Pro
  • Other smart phones (HTC, Samsung)
  • Other tablets (Samsung, Motorla)
  • Other laptops (Dell, Toshiba)

World-class surgery to fix your device, no matter what's wrong:

  • Water damage
  • Cracked screen
  • Home button unresponsive
  • Short battery life
  • Sound problems


The voice of the customer.

Featured story from

It was New Year's Eve. She had been drinking. It was late. And that was the moment the world chose to welcome Sarah LaRose to the not-so-exclusive club of people who have dropped their iPhone into a toilet. As LaRose told her story to Curt Ingram, he nodded politely. He knows this story. If there's a way to break an iPhone, Ingram - known as "iPhone Curt" to his growing legion of devotees - has probably heard of it, and probably fixed it.

He is part of the expanding mini-industry of repairmen working outside the realm of Apple, whose warranty does not cover "damage caused by accident," such as liquid contact or broken screens. "In other words, the things people actually do to their phones," LaRose said as she waited in Ingram's Brighton shop for him to take a look at hers, which was still misbehaving weeks after the toilet bowl incident.

Apple's "Genius Bar" handles each accident on a case-by-case basis, and the company is known for replacing broken phones for free, even though it is not obligated to do so. But there are still enough people walking out of Apple stores with bad news - often that they need to buy a new phone - that Ingram's business is booming. His second-floor studio in Brighton Center is a comic cross between an old watchmaker's shop, an emergency room, and a therapist's office, complete with a couch and a cat...keep reading.


Hours & Location

Come see us in Brighton.

  • Address:
  • 425 Washington Street
  • 2nd Floor
  • Brighton, MA 02135
  • 617-779-7377
  • Store hours:
  • Mon - Sat:
  • 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Sun:
  • Closed

Phone: (617) 779-7377


425 Washington Street

2nd Floor

Brighton, MA 02135

Store Hours:

Mon-Sat: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sun: Closed


Quick answers to common questions.

How long will my service take?

The length varies, but many repairs take less than 30 minutes while customers wait in our lobby. Other repairs, like water damage, may take several hours.

If you are mailing your tech into our service center, we can have it out for delivery within 24 hours of us receiving it.

Will the data on my tech be preserved?

We will make every effort to preserve your data, but in some cases it may be necessary to restore your tech to original factory settings.

Before obtaining service, it's a good idea to sync your device with iTunes (or do a manual backup) to prevent unwanted loss of data.

I'm concerned about not having a phone while my phone is being serviced. What are my options?

Most repairs can be done quickly; however, if you're worried about not having a phone during a repair, you have the following options:

  • If you have another GSM cell phone available, you can use your SIM card with it while your phone is being repaired.
  • If you don't, we can provide you with a loaner GSM cell phone to use while yours is being repaired. There is a small deposit required to use this service
I just received my phone back from service. What do I need to do to make and receive calls?

When you receive your phone, simply insert the SIM card back into the slot and your phone will become fully functional.

How do I check the status of my service request?

Give us a call at 617-779-7377.

How can I tell if my tech is still under warranty?

If you have an Apple device (for example, an iPhone, iPad or MacBook) you can enter your device's serial number into Apple's Online Service Assistant. Apple may need proof of purchase to verify your device's warranty status.